Saturday, August 28, 2010

Last Night in Washington

Well, our summer in Redmond has ended. Tyler is probably crossing in to Oregon right now, and Calvin and I will be flying back to Provo tomorrow. We have had so much fun, but we're ready to go back to our home in Provo. Rehearsals for The Magic Flute start on Monday, and so does school for Tyler. I have gotten to blog so much this summer because I had the free time. I am worried that I am going to get too busy to update as much. Also, I don't think we'll be doing as many cool things, so I don't know what to blog about. I'll still update with pictures though, as often as I can.

The above picture is from Redmond's last Arts in the Park this summer. One World Taiko came and played for us. We loved it! I have always wanted to be a taiko drummer. I just don't think anyone would want to see a white girl up there. I wouldn't blame them, either. Anyway, it was really great to watch!

My brother Nick came to visit before returning to the University of Portland. Here are the boys playing Wii Sports. All three seem to be pretty into it.

We went to the Pacific Science Center again, and Nick had a go on the high wire bicycle. He did very well and even went around twice!

Here is the Pacific Science Center with the Needle towering above.

We went on one of the Argosy harbor cruises. He we are getting ready to disembark.

Seattle Skyline

Ships on the dry docks. The one on the left is a Coast Guard ship. They are repainting it.

In this shed, they are building a new Washington Ferry.
Well, back to Provo. We're excited to see all our friends! I'll update again soon!

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Sara Passey said...

Will and I think Calvin looks like Chunk from Goonies in the ferry pictures. A very cute Chunk. We're excited to have you guys back! :)