Monday, August 9, 2010

Ferry Ride!

My mom, Kayla, Calvin, and I went to Bainbridge Island on the Washington State Ferries. We had such a fun time waiting in the line, driving the car on, getting snacks, trying to stand the freezing cold winds on the deck, and looking at all the views of the waterfronts. It was so fun.

Port of Seattle Me on the Car Deck

Calvin on the ferry

Departing from Seattle

It was so windy and cold on the deck!

Eating our sushi lunch that we got from Uwajimaya!

Uh oh. There was a new Daiso that just opened next to Uwajimaya!

Daiso browsing.
Well, that was 2nd day of our week of adventures. More updates to come quickly! I'm gonna get caught up on all the haps!

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