Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Halloween 2013: I've Got No Strings

This post is more than overdue, but as I am preparing to start on costumes for this year, I figured I'd better get pictures from last year posted! There aren't many pictures either, as I fit in a work trip to Germany and Italy right before Halloween. As a result, I didn't snap many pictures, and the ones I did aren't great.

This year, I let C decide what he wanted to be-- which was a vampire. I thought that was pretty lame, but at least I could make him a sweet velvet and satin cape with lots of fancy jewels and bling. He absolutely loved it.

My sweet little L was Pinocchio. I made everything for his costume but the yellow shirt. The hat took a couple of tries, but I ended up being very happy with it!

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For the hat, I used a Peter Pan hat to make a pattern. I cut out two, sewed them right sides together, turned inside out and finished the seam. Then I top-stitched the grosgrain ribbon.

Best picture I got of the wiggly little guy. If only he hadn't flipped his hat brim down!