Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmastime is Here

So, I haven't been blogging at all. The biggest reason is that I haven't been taking any pictures. Poor Linus. I spent Calvin's first months just at his side snapping pictures of every move he'd make. I am spending Linus' first months chasing Calvin around trying to get him to get dressed, eat, and learn how to clean up after himself. Poor Linus just sits in the Bumbo watching the craziness. He is a good sport. I thought it would be, but this parenting 2 children thing is really hard. Calvin is one of the sweetest and funniest boys, but he sure does get feisty lately.

Linus is taking his time learning things. Just like he waited until his 2nd day of life to even open his eyes, he is doing things on his own time, ever so sweetly. By 4 months, Calvin could roll over and was sleeping 12 hours every night. Linus is content just laying on his back or side, looking at everything. He also still wants to visit and cuddle with one of his parents at least one time in the night. He is so sweet about everything and seems so loving and grateful whenever you feed him or cuddle with him. All of his eating and cuddling is making him a little chubster and I love it. I just think he is so cute. He has his 4 mo. appointment tomorrow, so we'll see how much he weighs then.

We have been super busy with the above-mentioned craziness and doing everything that we can to have a festive Christmas time. We have done a Christmas-y activity every day (reading a scripture about Christ, eating yummy things, choosing toys to give away, going to look at the lights, watching a Christmas special, etc.) and Calvin is really getting in to the Christmas spirit. We have been trying to really teach him about the true meaning of Christmas, and I think he's getting it, but then he told us there is a ghost in Mary's tummy, so he might still be a little confused. He LOVES singing Christmas carols, though. He knows all the words to:

Jingle Bells
Deck the Halls
Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer
The First Noel
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Let it Snow
Frosty the Snowman
Walkin in a Winter Wonderland
Up on the Housetop

and he thinks he knows Jingle Bell Rock

It is a Christmas miracle that I got him to sit still and do it for the camera upon my request. Merry Christmas!