Thursday, August 5, 2010


Holding hands with his little friend Monchhichi.

My mom and sister Kayla came into town last week and we did everything in Seattle! It was awesome to have them here. We had so much fun. These pictures are just from last Wednesday.

First stop: Pike Place Market. Look how empty it is! We made it there before it really even opened and got to watch all the vendors set up. It was awesome! We had delicious breakfast items from 3Girls Bakery and Piroshky, Piroshky. Yummy!

Calvin says hi to Rachel again.

I love the look of those Rainbow Carrots.

I really wish I had a better camera to capture the beauty of all of the fresh flowers.

Cool alleyway on the way to the Westlake Center.

Calvin on the monorail. He has mastered the surprised look.

Petting a hissing cockroach at the Pacific Science Center.

Butterfly Farm at the Pacific Science Center.

One butterfly flew into Calvin and landed on him for a moment, but we couldn't get a picture quick enough. He loved looking at the butterflies, but I was so scared that he was going to crunch their wings if he got too close.

Orca fin sculptures at the Pacific Science Center. I loved this place. It was so fun.

Great view of the Space Needle.

Uh oh. I found Daiso #2 in the Westlake Center!This one was like twice the size as the one at Alderwood Mall. It was awesome.

We spent like an hour in here.

Yummy Piroshkys for lunch!

Kayla and her Champagne Grapes.

Calvin also loved the grapes!

My $5 bouquet of flowers. So beautiful.
Seattle is one cool city. More city craziness tomorrow!


Taylor and Dean said...

Also- did someone get a haircut missy?! It looks tres chic and very cute! :) How fun to have your family come visit!

Liz Young said...

i love calvin's surprised look!