Sunday, August 22, 2010

I will go to my happy place and wait for the cheese.

Ever since our first trip up the pacific coast in 1995, we have been a Tillamook-loving family. The headquarters and factory in Tillamook, OR, is always a required attraction if we are ever in Oregon. Sometimes, while staying in Arch Cape, OR, we will venture down the road to Tillamook two or three times during our two-week vacation. We just cannot get enough of their delicious cheese and ice cream.

So, when I found out that Tillamook was taking their love of cheese on the road, of course I got excited. I have been following the Loaf Love Tour for a few months, just waiting for it to be in the same city as me. On August 9th, it came to Redmond. And it just so happened to come to the grocery store right across the street from our apartment! We were very excited.

Setting up the Loaf Love
I am a fan of Tillamook on facebook, so I had been watching the Tour cross the Western United States, bringing tasty cheese to everyone. Fans have been posting pictures as they visit the mini Tillamook buses, and it has looked like a pretty popular event. I thought that we should probably get to the store early in case there was a line.

Well, there was no line. We were the only ones standing on the curb, waiting for the cute little Baby Loaf to drive up. We waved, and Kelly, one of the Loaf Love Ambassadors, greeted us happily. They were very excited to have such devoted fans welcome them to Redmond. We felt a little nerdy, but couldn't deny our excitement to get free cheese, buttons, coupons, and to take a close look at the little bus. Kelly loved Calvin's mini version he got at the factory a few weeks ago. She also loved his surprised face (as most everyone who has seen it does).

Kelly showing Calvin the inside of the bus

Calvin decided he wants to go on the tour, too.

Kelly showing Calvin the engine

So, we got lots of free cheese, tons of buttons, coupons, and lots of love. Man, I love Tillamook. The tour comes to Utah in September. Check the Loaf Love Tour website for details. We're fully planning on going to meet up with them again. Anyone wanna come along?


Taylor and Dean said...

ps- I LOVE cheese so I would definitely go with you if we were still in UT- I think free cheese is an amazing and wonderful idea!! :)

Marianne said...

I think I told you Mark and I went up the Oregon coast for vacation several years ago before we had kids. We stopped at the Tillamook factory for the tour and free cheese and ice cream. We stocked our mini fridge with dozens of little tillamook cheeses. We've been fans ever since.

Kate said...

Oooo, me! Me! I want to come. I've still never been to Tillamook, despite my many times in Oregon. Travesty? Yes.