Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's my job

I love being a stay-at-home mom. I also love being a freelance stage manager. Every year, I work on Stadium of Fire, and it is always a wonderful week of hard, hard work. I thought the show was especially good this year- especially the fireworks. I ran the stage this year and had a blast doing it. The Beach Boys put on an exciting show, and while most of the Beach Boys and their band took off right after their set, Mike Love stayed backstage with us and enjoyed the fireworks. Scotty McCreery and his band also had a great set and were wonderful to work with. I never get a chance to take too many pictures, but here are a few from show day.

Decked out in my SM Gear
Taken during the fireworks while ash and fallout was raining upon me.
Hanging out backstage with the host, Alex Boye

Birdcage Makeover

It's not really a makeover post unless you see the "before" pictures, but I forgot to take them. :(

At the last fleaology sale that I told you all I was very excited about, I found a great bird cage and metal stand. They were separate pieces, but I knew they'd go well together and look great in my living room. I spray painted them both with a hammered gun metal grey finish and affixed the bird cage on top of the stand. The combination was something that could easily have been sold for at least 3x what I paid for it. Yay for being cheap!

Calvin and I each made a bird to go in it.


I have so much to update, but it's always a matter of getting my pictures and such in order. I will make a concerted effort this week to update though. Things that are happening:

Stadium of Fire was such a great show to work on this year!
Linus is almost 11 months old. (Crazy!)
I got in an accident and got 5 fractures in my spine...

So, things are a little crazy right now. I will begin playing catchup soon.