Sunday, May 5, 2013


Before we moved, we were able to go on a family cruise on Disney Cruise Line! It was very exciting! We booked it back in January during the stresses of Phantom when we saw a "Kids sail free out of Galveston!" promo. We were sold. I'll let pictures tell the story.

On the bus from the Hotel Galvez to the cruise port on the morning of April 20th!

Calvin is very excited. We all wore our Mickey ears for embarkation day! (Because how many opportunities do you have to wear those things?) 

Linus was already tired and fell asleep in the stroller by the time we boarded the boat. He spends much of his day trying to cuddle me and suck his thumb.
We had a rough start to our trip as on Sea Day #1, Calvin injured his hand getting it crushed in the hinge of a heavy ship door when it closed quickly. It was very sad. It hurt him so bad.

It got REALLY swollen and he wouldn't move his fingers or use his hand at all so we got it X-rayed on board (kind of a neat souvenir???). Luckily, none of his bones were broken, and he cheered up after a couple days. Elsa, our stateroom attendant was so sweet and delivered ice packs to our room that night in addition to our towel animals and chocolates. :)

The hinge that got him. That door is so heavy and half of his hand was stuck in it when it slammed shut. OUCH.
Character breakfast at Parrot Cay on Sea Day #2. At first Linus didn't really know what to think.

Then he decided he really liked the large stuffed animals who were coming over to greet him and hug him.

Calvin was really into it, but sad that they wouldn't sit down and eat with us. He wanted some more personal one-on-one time with the characters.

Our little spot. We found this spot on the ship one of the first days and had to visit it at least 3 times every day. Calvin and Linus would sit there forever watching the ocean and the boat cutting through the water.  

Where's Linus? Every meal went pretty much like this. Halfway through the cruise, he decided to use the tablecloth instead and almost knocked over drinks, plates, condiments, etc.

Towel animals every night! Thanks, Elsa!

The beautiful Seven Mile Beach in Georgetown, Grand Cayman. We've been to Grand Cayman twice, and it is my favorite stop I've ever been in the Caribbean. The water is BEAUTIFUL and the town feels so safe and nice.

Tendering back to the Disney Magic. The boys only lasted on the beach for about an hour.

Hooking the tender boat to the ship so we can board again.

On port days, we took advantage of the emptiness of the ship. On sea days, the pools were so crowded- to a point that they were unswimmable. On port days, however, everyone was enjoying their port adventures, so we took advantage of that and had onboard swimming experiences then.

Ice cream break!

Enjoying lunch at Topsider Buffet on Deck 9.

Linus is really into greeting animals. He said "hi" to this pigeon about 100 times.

The staterooms on the Disney Magic were so great. So clean and spacious (for a cruise ship). One of my favorite parts about it was the BATHTUB! I was so happy to not have to try to give my kids showers (they kinda freak out, screaming and crying). Yay for family friendliness!

One of the nights, Calvin played in the Oceaneer Club and Linus in the nursery and Tyler and I enjoyed the time by ourselves.

We enjoyed walking the decks at sunset.

And had an AMAZING dinner at Palo, the premier restaurant on board. The food was so good. I will not even try to describe it, but the Grilled Portobello Mushroom and Polenta with a Roasted Shallot Sauce and a parmesan crisp was one of the most amazing things I've ever eaten. When Tyler eats the most delicious food, this is the face he makes.  

Calvin turned four while we were on board! Linus went to the nursery in the morning and we let Calvin dictate his entire birthday morning. For breakfast, he ate cinnamon rolls, a PB&J Typhoon pancake, and just had to have water, apple juice, AND chocolate milk.

Chocolate mousse cake for dessert! Nuno, Edgar, and the rest of the wait staff sang "Happy Birthday" to him at Animator's Palette.

The entrance to the third rotational dining restaurant, Lumiere's.

Here is the Lobby Atrium on the Disney Magic with a huge chandelier by famous glass artist Dale Chihuly.

Calvin and Tyler captaining the cruise ship simulator.

Calvin in the "Friendship Rocks!" show on the last day of the cruise. You can see him just behind Mickey. He was very proud that he learned the dance and got to be on stage.

Time to disembark! We had so much fun!
I spent 8 hours by myself with the kids waiting for our flight. It was the ultimate test of endurance. We passed the time looking out the window,

laying on the dirty floor (NOT my favorite activity),

climbing behind chairs (also not my favorite),

and laying all over mommy. It was long. We were all tired. And 12 hours later, we arrived in Tucson for our next adventure.
I am so glad we all got to go on this cruise before Tyler starts his new job. And I am so glad it was such a long vacation (6 nights). The first two days were really rough. It is hard to figure out how to travel happily with kids, especially when they have broken hands and are getting sick and are tired and cranky. Two days in and I was scared that the whole week would be horrible. But, we figured it out, and it ended up being such a fun and DELICIOUS time.


Tyler got a job offer with IBM in Tucson, AZ, so we have decided to relocate there. We are so excited to be close to so much family, but are sad to be leaving Utah and Spanish Fork, where we have made so many good friends. Preparing to move was slightly hectic, but luckily IBM has an excellent relocation package, so we didn't have to do the actual packing and moving. We'll arrive in Tucson just in time for summer! Eeeks.

I love this picture of some of our stuff piled up ready for packing. I think it is a great snippet of our life.