Monday, November 11, 2013

Calvin Reviews: Shlomo & Vito's New York Delicatessen


Calvin reviews Shlomo & Vito's New York Delicatessen:
So, what do you think of this place?

What do you like about it?
 "I like that you can go on an outside walk while you wait for your food. We saw a waterfall, chairs, and people. We also looked at the cakes."

What did you have to eat?
"Pigs in a blanket. How do they make it?!?!"

How was it?
"Good. I dropped my shoe. Can someone hand me my shoe?"

If someone asked you if you had any ideas about a good place to eat in Tucson, what would you tell them?
"Shlombitos! And if they were wondering what they should order I'd say pigs in a blanket, pigs in a blanket, pigs-pigs, pigs-pigs, pigs in a blanket!"

...a little later, muttering to himself:
"That was the goodest meal I ever had."