Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quick Update

Well, the new semester started, and we are so busy.

Opera Rehearsal with an 18-month-old ASM
Monday as a Mom and Stage Manager:
8am- Calvin wakes up, get breakfast, get dressed, morning play
10am- Production Meeting at BYU, meet Tyler beforehand so he can watch Calvin during the meeting
11am- Meeting's over, get Calvin back from Tyler, Calvin and I run errands
12:15pm- Another meeting on campus, Tyler watches him again
1:00pm- Calvin and I run home, I plop him in bed and hope he falls asleep quickly since we have to leave in 90 minutes. During Calvin's nap is when I shower and actually get ready for the day.
2:30pm- Leave for rehearsal
3:00pm- Rehearsal begins
4:00pm- Tyler done with classes for the day, comes to get Calvin from rehearsal
6:00pm- Rehearsal ends, go home and get dinner together with Tyler
7:30pm- Calvin's bath and bedtime
8:15pm- Begin writing emails, rehearsal report, making lists/forms for the show, etc.
12:00am- Bedtime for me
Hiding under the piano at rehearsal
Phew! It is taking a bit getting used to. After our first full week, we are seeing how we can streamline this crazy schedule. It's been a while since I have worked on such a large and involved show. It is going to be pretty awesome, though. We have alot of neat technical effects planned and the singers sound amazing already. The Magic Flute performs at BYU in October, so buy tickets is you'd like to come!
Calvin before bed one night. He kept putting all these plastic balls in his shirt.
Calvin is doing so well amid all the back-to-school/work craziness. Most days, Calvin and I get to hang out all morning, and then he gets to play over at a with a friend in the afternoon. He is learning a new word every day! It's crazy how big he's getting!