Monday, August 6, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

We have our sixth broken bone in six weeks...
This little guy is so cute.

I am counting each one of my fractured vertebrae separately to sound dramatic, but poor Linus just broke his arm last week as he dove off the changing table when the babysitter turned her head. I think he felt inspired by all of our Olympics watching. It was very sad. And the babysitter felt very bad.

But now he remains as happy as he can be, hobbling around on his splinted arm. What I cannot believe, is that he is going to be ONE YEAR OLD in just 2 weeks! That is crazy.

It has been quite an interesting 2 months, but my back is healing well, and the summer is coming to a close. Here are some pictures for all to enjoy!

Eating the one block Calvin would let him play with. Calvin has gotten a little more generous with his sharing over the last month or so.

He began pulling up a few weeks ago! He is very proud of himself.
I love love his blue eyes.
At the Fiesta Days parade. Calvin requested a green cat face painted on him.
Our pumpkin patch! Tyler is afraid it is going to take over our yard. I can't wait for all of our pumpkins in October!