Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday Fun

This post should have happened so long ago. I have so many stories and adventures to be posting as April and May have been completely crazy busy. I will dole the posts out so as to not bombard with too many updates. This is for Calvin's birthday that happened at the end of April.

First of all, I just cannot believe he is one now. Every single day he seems to learn new words, signs, and games. He is such a copycat. He'll copy all noises and actions, so Tyler and I have had to become very careful with what we say and do when he is around. It is amazing to me how spongelike he is at this age. And I know that it's just going to continue.

Anyway, for the big birthday, we escaped from Provo for the weekend and took off to Park City. My cousin Tina has a condo there and was very generous in letting us use it for the weekend. Sam, Carson, Steven, and some friends came to enjoy the festivities. Here are some of the highlights:

The cake. My friend Kate and I made this jungle
cake with little monkey cupcakes to live on it. The cupcakes
were a recipe that I found in Parents magazine. The recipe
can be found here. The jungle setting was made by
putting together two round cakes and decorating with
random goodies. Kate gets credit for most of the frosting.
Isn't she amazing?!

Kate and Dave, partygoers.

More partygoers, namely Will, Amanda and Jeremy,
Husband, Carson and Steven.

Just having a good time!

We're getting ready to give him some cake.

He didn't exactly know how to proceed.

Getting a little curious with the frosting.

He figured it out what to do pretty quickly. It was great until
he started getting it in his eyes. He just kept rubbing it in.
This is pretty close to the time that we finally took him to the
bath. All of this was so fun to watch, but it was also a bit
stressful. Tyler was having a hard time watching.
Calvin, however, loved it.

Steven and Fritz having a nice sit on Main Street.

Riding the Main Street Trolley! Calvin loved this. He'd look
out the window and wave at different things. He thought this
was just the neatest thing ever.
It was a perfect weekend, all in all. Family, great friends, great food, great house. It was just great. There was that time in the middle, though, where Calvin woke up on his birthday morning and hit his teeth and split his lip open on the coffee table. We called the doctor, and Dave was kind enough to run to the store for some birthday Popsicles, so the emergency was taken care of pretty quickly. Also, Flippin' Burgers has to be the most expensive and worst burger place I've ever been to. But even those mishaps add to a great weekend filled with fun stories! We had a great time!


Nicole said...

This looks like so much fun! I can't believe how big Calvin is. You look fantastic, and life sure seems to be going well. I'm so glad--you totally deserve it.

Hank said...

i laughed so hard looking at that picture of Calvin eating the cake! He is such a sweet kid. We miss you guys.I hope the internship this year is just a blast for all of you!

Taylor and Dean said...

You and Kate are amazing! I could never do that! Subsequently, I will have to either put off having children for an indefinite period of time, or else live very near you two whenever that monumental day arrives. You are the cutest mom ever! And of course Calvin and Tyler are pretty cute too! Did Sam come up as well?! How is she?! Well, I hope- I miss her! Anyways, we wish we could have been there to celebrate with you guys-it looks fabulous!