Friday, June 18, 2010

The End

The last big event of May- the finale of LOST. I have already discussed our love for this show on this blog before, but seriously, LOST is amazing, and the finale didn't disappoint. We loved the emotional conclusion of each of the characters' journeys. We loved the religious overtones and the uplifting sense of finality. We loved that many mysteries were answered, yet many others will be left for us to theorize for years to come. Mostly, we're just grateful for LOST and the legacy it will be in our house. I know it sounds so stupid that we loved this TV show this much. But to us, it was that good. I am not even being dramatic or exaggerating. It was the best TV show in a long time.

To celebrate the finale, we went to our friends Dave and Kate's house. Kate made an impressive Dharma cake. We made Mr. Cluck's Fried Chicken. Heather and Eliot brought Dharma "beer." It made for a delicious night that prepared us for the emotional journey we were about to embark on. For some great pictures of the evening (including ones where Calvin gets a little crazy with the drinks), check out Heather's blog.

Kate's cake. I am always amazed at her edible handiwork.

So, life after LOST has been going well. We haven't quite moved on yet since we still discuss the show regularly and plan to rewatch all the episodes for the DVD release of the 6th season in August, where supposedly there will be an extra where they address some of the still unanswered mysteries. Sounds interesting. I hope another show comes along someday that is as compelling, mysterious, funny, informed, intelligent, etc.--I could list these adjectives off for a while. I don't know if LOST is for everyone, but I know it was definitely for us. I am grateful for that.


Nicole said...

Nate and I didn't start watching lost until we saw it on Netflix instant play. That was in early April.

We caught up on all the episodes, and then watched the finale when it aired. I'm a little sad we weren't watching it with you guys. We had our own little lost shindig, trying to eat "islandy" foods. I sure wish we'd had that cake. It also would have been nice to talk to some people who liked the end...the people we watched it with thought it was stupid. I didn't know exactly what to think when it was over, but I did like it--especially in retrospect. You guys are awesome.

Kate said...

I just now saw this. Hooray for Lost! Just one more magnificent party with you guys to add to our great memories. It makes me so happy to think about it. (Reminds me of a saying that used to hang on a wall in my grandma's house: "God gave us memories that we might have roses in December.")