Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunny Days

It is finally warming up in Utah. We have been going outside to play almost every day. Calvin loves being outside. He loves digging the grass and in the piles of wood chips. I have almost gotten him to stop putting them in his mouth. Here are some pictures I took while we were playing. It was a lot of fun.
I think Calvin looks just like a little me in this picture.

Besides playing outside, our indoor play has gotten a lot more interesting. Maybe it's because he can stand up on his own now, but he seems to have outgrown his desire to knock absolutely everything down. I guess he can be taller now, so is now interesting in stacking other things tall. He has gotten really good at stacking these little plastic blocks up. Sometimes he gets very meticulous about designing his towers, adding little embellishments here and there, like teething rings and plastics eggs. Maybe he'll take after me and want to study architecture! Here are some of his early creations. (He did them all by himself.)


Marianne said...

Oh my gosh. Could that kid be any cuter! I love the crinkled nose smile.

Liz Young said...

i miss calvin's chubby cheeks!!! cutest baby in the world!

Leah Florence said...

He's amazing. I love his towers, he has a good eye for design...this age is so fun. Everyday they amaze you.