Monday, June 14, 2010

My Birthday and Lost Live

I am still playing catch-up with these posts. Mid-May presented me with Tech Week for Monster Grove, but before that craziness, we escaped to LA for my birthday to attend this event: LOST Live: The Final Celebration. It was a concert of the amazing music of LOST featuring Michael Giacchino (the composer of LOST's music) conducting. Dozens of cast members were there, including Michael Emerson (Ben), Jorge Garcia (Hurley), and Josh Holloway (Sawyer), as well as directors, producers, writers, etc. It was a really neat way to celebrate the end of the series with huge fans and the creators of the show. We have loved LOST so much, and it was cool that we got to personally applaud the creators and cast for the fantastic show they made. Here is more on the event. Also, if you watch the Official Video Podcast recapping the night, there is a cameo of us when they show a shot of the crowd. :) We don't have any pictures of the event because no cameras or cell phones were allowed inside at all. We had to leave everything in the car.

Here are a couple of press pictures from the event:

Calvin did really well on the 24 hour trip. He is getting a little crazier on the plane. Not louder, but more wiggly. He really wanted to get down and explore. I let him stand on the ground for a bit, but then he started trying to crawl around and eat things off the floor, so we abandoned that. Now he likes to look out the window.

On the quick trip, we also got to visit our good friends Hank and Leah! They watched Calvin while we were at the concert and showed us some of the good places to eat and enjoy life in Thousand Oaks. We only have a few hours to spend with them, but it was wonderful. Sam and Calvin were very cute together.

Enjoying time at the park before the concert.

Calvin was chasing this squirrel. It was hilarious.

Sam just had a coffee creamer explode in his face. What a funny guy.

Here is a bonus of Calvin being weighed on the Wii Fit.


Leah Florence said...

i am so glad you guys made the trip out to see that concert. We loved seeing you! Miss you!

Carson said...

I really like the one of us two. I didn't realize he was being so cute in there!

Liz Young said...
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Liz Young said...

those pictures are so cute

Kate said...

What a cutie pie. I miss you guys already. Keep posting! I need to see how you're all doing.