Tuesday, April 3, 2012

flea-ing for fun

Sometimes I wish I had more time. More time and more money. I know this is not profound. Who doesn't want these things?

But these days are going so fast and I am always wishing that I could do more with them. I really really wish that I had a little more time to decorate my house. I have SO many ideas that I am excited about, but I have had to take it incredibly slow. My living room is now almost complete... I do plan a blog post on that soon.

But tonight, I want to talk about flea.o.logy. It's a flea market event here in Utah County where a bunch of amazingly creative and cool people get together and buy, sell, and trade antiques, junque, bits, and bobs. I am always wishing that I had more money to spend on neat odds and ends to decorate my house, and at fleaology, I am able to find great items in my price range (which is next to nothing)! I have been to a few of them and have always come away with a unique treasure all my own!

Here are some of my finds. 

I found this at the last fleaology. A big gauge. I LOVE this. It is awaiting some other parts in order to become the coolest Steampunk lamp ever. A sweet old man sold it to me.

An antique paper towel box that now holds my kitchen clutter. It was only $5! I love it.

Another $5 find. I love the circus image on this glass vase. It fit in perfectly with my red kitchen!
 The next flea.o.logy event is coming up on May 5th! I am so excited! Who wants to come with me?

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Kate said...

Me! If only I could get to Utah . . .