Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For Crabs!

I saw a billboard for a crab festival that is happening in Salt Lake this month. I really like seafood alot, especially crab. I wish crab festivals were a place in which you could celebrate by getting crab for cheap because there is so much of it there. Instead, there is just usually alot of expensive crab. Not as fun. Not much to celebrate either. It's aways expensive.


Aaron said...

At the Hokkaido festival we went to, they had huge crab legs that they were cooking with blowtorches. It looked good. I assume they have lots of crabs in/around Hokkaido, right?

danniey said...

They do. Hokkaido is pretty famous for its crabs. I had only one opportunity to go have a special crab dinner in Sapporo on one of my last nights in Japan. Everyone decided they'd rather go get Ramen instead. They "didn't like crab that much."

I was annoyed, but still a missionary so I couldn't go by myself just to spite them.