Tuesday, April 24, 2012

She's so Crafty

Do you ever have those weeks where everything just comes together and you finish almost every project that has been laying around waiting to be finished? They usually happen for me right before people come to visit us. This last one was amazing; I finished 3 big projects that I had started months ago! I am so happy with the results (much much better than my failed valance a few weeks back- some of you have heard that story).
First, my entryway bench. The before picture is on the right. Tyler's mom let us take it from the condo and I had big plans for it. I painted it black, made a faux seat with fake leather and furniture nails, and covered the heart with a metal key holder from Hobby Lobby. Total makeover- $13. I love it as our key and purse bench.
Stitched paper wall hangings. I was inspired by some sewn paper I saw on Pinterest. I found a blimp picture, poked some holes in some pretty scrapbook paper, and then sewed it like a lacing card. Then I glued them to some canvases I had painted black. This project was so fun for me. Total cost- $5.
Lastly, my book page rosette wreath. I found the tutorial on Pinterest, and I LOVE the way this looks. This was super cheap to make, but took for-ev-er. The tutorial even said it would take a long time, but I somehow didn't believe it. 350 book pages, 20 hot glue sticks, 5 burns on the fingertips, and 8 hours later I had a beautiful wreath! Total cost- $6.
Time to start some new projects! I am moving on to our bedroom, and I am very excited with the design I have in my head. Think turn of the century Audubon guide/nature sketchbooks. I can't wait!

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