Thursday, March 8, 2012

Half a year!

He still has pretty blue eyes!
 Well, I cannot believe that my little guy is already 6 months old. Time really does fly. And although I am still losing sleep, this guy is just such a joy to have around.
He is big enough to fit in one of my favorite baby outfits! (from Sam)
Here are some stats!
Height: 25 inches (5-10%)
Weight: 15 lbs 8.5 oz (10-25%)
Head: 42.4 cm (10-25%)

He is almost the exact same size that Calvin was at 6 months! Linus is a bit shorter though, which results in some pretty thick thighs.
It has been so different to have this guy as a baby as compared with Calvin. Calvin reached milestones so early, whereas Linus is just happy to observe for a long time before attempting anything. He can roll on to his tummy with ease, but he still thinks he can't get to his back by himself. For a month now, he's been yelling for help once he gets to his tummy. Who knows when he'll figure out that he doesn't need to wait for my help. He can sit up on his own for a short period of time and will scoot around on his tummy to play with things. He prefers to spend the day kissing and cuddling and watching the pratfalls and slapstick comedy stylings of his brother.


Hillary said...

He's so big! Wow! What a cutie :) Thanks for sharing.

Leah Florence said...

What a cute baby! you guys seriously make the cutest baby. I know that sounds cliche but I actually really mean it.

Kendra said...

He is a cutie! How are you doing? We should try to get together again sometime(though I understand how that can be tricky:). I'm sorry about the lack of sleep. I understand what you mean! Cheers to mommyhood!