Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween 2015: The Force Awoke

This year I took the time again to devote myself to making some killer costumes. We are all excited for Episode 7 to come out, so we decided to throw back to Episode 4 for Halloween.

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Han's costume was made by referencing photos from the movie and altering existing clothing and accessories to match. For Princess Leia, I referenced this and this

Baby Chewie was made by tweaking simple pantsshirt, and hood patterns. 

For Darth Vader's costume, he wore black clothes, boots, and gloves (women's vintage leather), and I made these accessories for him. We bought the Official Mask/Helmet and lightsaber (because I didn't feel like DIYing these items.
For Luke, I made the gi found here. His shoes we just shoes covered with fabric with long tails that I could wrap around up his legs over his pants and safety pin at the top. 
May the force be with you this Halloween!

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