Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If at first...

Last week, I took Calvin ice skating for the first time. He was really, really excited, but as he got his skates on and attempted to walk to the rink, I was doubting my judgement. He couldn't even walk with them on. I thought "I am a little overanxious; he is too little to be doing this."

We grabbed a little walker for him to skate with, but he'd fall ever 5 seconds even with that, so we'd hold on to him as we went around the rink. After the 20th or so fall, I asked if he wanted to take a break. "No! I'm skating!" He said excitedly and he continued to attempt this new activity. After 15 minutes and dozens of more falls, he was getting better. Pretty soon, he was refusing to let me touch him as he'd zoom around the ice with his little walker. His falls were fewer and fewer and he was beaming with delight.

I just think little children are so inspiring. There was no fear and no doubt that he could learn this completely foreign skill. No fall got him discouraged. He giggled and enjoyed himself the whole time and was then truly satisfied with his accomplishment. It was amazing. I hope that I can be a little more like him. Here are some snippets from his journey:

And then here is Linus- the loudest sleeping baby I know.

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Kate said...

Oh, they are both SO PRECIOUS. Calvin is awesome zooming around with that little walker! And I love Linus's baby snores. Boybee did that, too, especially when he was nursing. We called him our little squeaky wheel.

Love the videos. More. More.