Saturday, October 8, 2011

I Love October

Time seems to move fastest when you have a newborn (and yet the nights seem SO long...). I cannot believe that Linus is almost 2 months old! And yet the only pictures I have posted are from when he was born. In my defense, I have been quite busy. Besides being available for feedings which take up a full third of my life, we moved! So that meant we spent two full weeks packing and a week so far unpacking. We are settling in well and absolutely love our new place. Pictures are coming soon.

The great thing about the move is that I get to be so creative! There is so much house to decorate and interior design is one of my favorite things. Pinterest has become my new best friend, filling me with ideas of different amazing things I can do to decorate on a budget. I have started so many projects in my head and now I really need to get to work!

I do have to say that I am so grateful for all the help we received for the move. Our ward showed up Saturday morning and we were able to load the truck in about 30 minutes! Tyler's family drove up to Utah and helped all weekend, too. Steven was the MVP installing our washer/dryer and and a new range above the stove in our old place (only getting electrocuted twice!). Tyler's mom helped me all week, watching children, making valances, and getting such nice things to put in this beautiful home. I feel spoiled with all the wonderful things that we have; I am so grateful. I love it all. The place is so nice, and I can't wait to post pictures.

In the meantime, Here are some recents:
Week old Linus. Don't you love how newborns must cuddle because they can't move by themselves?? :)

Calvin playing with friends at the park. He ended up getting in the fountain shortly after this...

Calvin loving Linus before church one Sunday. I love Linus' expression.

Linus looks just like Calvin in this picture.

Linus on blessing day. Again I love the expression. He pretty much looks at everyone skeptically all day long.

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Hillary said...

Thanks for the fun updates! I'll be looking forward to seeing your new home and those decorations! How fun! We are so happy for you guys :)