Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

We have had some great things happening in our house! College graduation and the introduction of a new baby!
Tyler graduated in August with a degree in Computer Science. He recently accepted a full time job at a software company in Provo!

As part of our celebration, we spent the next few days up in Jackson Hole, WY, seeing the show that 2 of Tyler's brothers were a part of at the Jackson Hole Playhouse. We had so much fun watching cowboy shows and drinking huckleberry floats! It was a good thing that we moved our trip up a few days because a few days later we found ourselves in the hospital welcoming a little boy we weren't expecting for 4 more weeks!

I woke up in the middle of the night on Saturday and knew that my water was broken. We didn't really have a game plan for going to the hospital yet, but we grabbed some essentials and packed Calvin and his pack n play into the car. Our dear friends answered their phone at 3am and agreed to watch Calvin for the next day while we went and had a baby!

Labor went SO much quicker than Calvin's. This little guy was out in 3 pushes! They were concerned about his breathing so he was taken up to the NICU and put on a CPAP. His lungs weren't yet fully opening so they started treatment. It was undetermined how long he'd need to be there.

Calvin and Mommy going to visit the NICU and bring the turtle stuffed animal that Calvin picked out for him.

Introducing Linus William! Born 6lbs 10oz and 18 1/2in. He made remarkable progress in the NICU and was breathing room air by the next morning.

Mommy and Linus. He stayed in the NICU the entire next day for observation, but was released to sleep in my room the next evening!

New brothers!

Daddy and Linus.

Calvin and Linus. Calvin loves his little brother. He is always willing to sing him a song, give him his pacifier, or pat him nicely! We've only had a couple of scary incidents so far where Calvin tries to be a bit too helpful.

Tiny tiny baby

I love having newborns sleep on me. It's best when they're mine too.

This is the turtle pillow Calvin picked out to give especially to Linus. It is like 4 times his size. Linus loves leaning on it though!
Anyway, things have been pretty crazy! I am completely sleep deprived, so be happy that I've taken this time to update this blog. I feel a little nuts and am not quite sure how to be the mother of 2, but I trust that I'll receive strength from above and it will all seem normal soon! Phew, back to feeding...


Marianne said...

Congratulations! Glad Linus is doing well. And could Calvin be any cuter?

melandpeter said...

Congratulations! Your boys are beaut - all 3 of them :-) Hope you're able to catch up on some sleep. Much love xx

Amanda & Jeremy said...

Wow that is awesome Danniey! Congrats, and welcome to baby Linus!

Hillary said...

How wonderful! I love all of your cute family photos. What a special time... thanks for sharing!

Taylor and Dean said...

Congratulations!! This caught us (and you of course) totally off guard! It seems lil' Linus is at home now and everything is fine? We hope you are all well and thank you mucho for your blog post!! Congrats on the job and graduation for Tyler too!

Kate said...

SO PRECIOUS! Aren't babies just so wonderful? You could kiss and kiss them forever and not get tired--especially when they're all yours and you can do it all you want without freaking someone else out.

I'm so happy to see him thriving (I just wish I could see him in real life). From what I can tell, you're doing a great job. I'll send good sleep vibes your way so you can get some TLC yourself.

Thinking of you constantly! (Wow, this is a really long comment . . .)

shandy said...

I'm not going to favorite part might be the "full time job in Provo" part.