Thursday, October 27, 2011

Linus Crying!

Calvin is usually first on the scene whenever Linus calls out. LINUS CRYING! LINUS CRYING! is how the siren goes. Calvin is good about trying to make Linus happy, whether it is talking softly to him or giving him his pacifier. I am excited for when Linus learns how to laugh because I think he is going to find his older brother just hilarious. He is on his way, though-- he can smile!
It's so hard to catch a picture just right.
This face makes the long nights a bit easier.

Calvin playing with his train set he got from Baba.

We dropped Steven off at the MTC last Wednesday after eating all we could at the Chuck-o-Rama. He'll be serving in Paraguay as a missionary for our church.

See you in 2 years, Steven!
I do have to say that adjusting to having 2 children has been really hard for me. The nights are long and hard, yes, but the days are almost even harder, since that is when Calvin is awake. We've been working on everyone getting good sleep and things are getting a bit easier. I just press on with faith that normalcy (a peaceful normalcy) will happen. I am so grateful for the evenings when Tyler is home and we can be a family team getting everyone's needs met. I am grateful for my husband and best friend. I will report soon and let you know if things get easier!

In the meantime, you know how much I like fall and Halloween. Wait until you see Linus' costume! It's pretty dang cute. And Calvin has been talking about trick-or-treating for weeks. He can't wait until we actually go.

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Leslie said...

He looks adorable and like a complete natural. Get that boy a role in the next Pooh movie. I'm glad I found your blog!