Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy 2!

Banana Cream Pie for the birthday boy!
Linus turned two in August! We had a "You Are My Sunshine" party for him since it is his favorite song and the only thing he'll sing. Sam gave my the idea inspired from this party and I just thought it was adorable. I decided to attempt a display in grand fashion like my friend, 3ReedDotters. (I am always SO inspired by her parties). I love how everything turned out!

Yummy yellow candy and treat bar for the partiers!
I've been wanting to make something like this for a while. Finally I had an idea of a design! I used burlap and my Great Grandmother's vintage yarn. It is now hanging in Linus's room.

Sneaking sunflower seeds...
Cousins ready for the party!

Mini Banana Cream Pie for Linus! He cried as we sang. He can't stand it when people unite in song. It freaks him out.

I loved his little curls! After the party, I cut them off...:( He needed a better haircut.

He has grown so much! He says a few words and strings them together in simple sentences (mostly about what kind of food he'd like). He LOVES cars and anything with wheels. His favorite thing to do is cuddle, but running around the house with toy cars while giggling with Calvin is a close second. Here is Linus throughout the last year:
13 Months
14 Months
15 Months
16 Months
17 Months
18 Months
19 Months
20 Months
21 Months
22 Months
23 Months

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