Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The One With Videos

We've been having so much fun each day. Problem is, I am too busy living it instead of taking pictures or filming it. I sometimes forget that there are others who don't get to see this cutie every day. Man, I feel sorry for you. It sure is fun. Here are some recent pictures/videos for your viewing pleasure!

You have to know that we have been unable to get any of Calvin's really great "tricks" on video. Whenever we get out the camera, he stops what he is doing and bolts toward it. It's actually a little frustrating because every clip ends up being the same. The only time I can get anything fun is if I hide and don't say a word and then just video tape him for 5 minutes, hoping he'll do something funny in it. So, here are a lot of videos, but most of them are us filming him until he finds the camera. I thought you might want to take a look, though.

For about two weeks, the only way he would vocalize was by making these Tony-from-the Shining-esque growls. "Danny's not here, Mrs. Torrance..." Funny. And a little freaky.

He can wave "bye-bye." Here's a short glimpse...

He is really good at "Pat the Bunny." He does all the actions on each page! This is another short glimpse until he sees us...

Another try at "Pat the Bunny."

He is a good dancer. In these ones, I am trying to capture it. You get a little at the end of this one and a little more at the end of the one below.

Well, there you go! I will try to be better about taking pictures and telling stories. Any suggestions about how to get good stuff on video without him knowing?

We are doing well. Calvin is almost walking. We almost have the whole script written for the play I'm working on, and Tyler has a second interview with Microsoft next week in Washington. Wish him luck!


Marianne said...

Collin was watching the videos with me and during the first one where Calvin is making his funny noises, Collin looked at me very confused and asked where the doggy was. So apparently Collin thinks it sounds like a dog.

Taylor and Dean said...

he is darling- i am jealous u guys get to see him all the time!:) that's awesome you are writing(?) a play?! Good luck to Tyler and good luck to u with your theatrical awesomeness!

Leah Florence said...

That voice was making me laugh out loud. I thought Tyler was in the back round making noises. How funny! So cute!