Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Just Love This Place

In April, we made our first trip to Disneyland as a family of four. We met my mom and sisters there and had so much fun (as always). We had been talking to Calvin about our Disneyland trip for WEEKS, so he was very excited to go. Every night before bed, he would ask us to tell him a story about Calvin and Linus going to Disneyland. We would describe everything in great detail, so he was ecstatic when the day arrived!
Morning Day 1. He is SO excited!

First ride! He is nervous and excited! I am also amazed that I timed this shot so well!
I was a little worried about being at Disneyland with a 8 month old baby, but Linus was a champ. In fact, I am pretty sure it was the best 2 days of his life since he would prefer to be snuggled up to me all hours of the day. I brought the wrap I made and he just snuggled against me all day. I could even scooch him down a little bit and secretly nurse him in line. I am pretty sure he would have loved to spend each day like that if it was up to him.
Sam and Cal in the boat on It's a Small World. He loved this ride.
Calvin had so much fun too! The dark rides made him nervous, but he absolutely loved the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters! He rode it 3 times and kept asking to go back. Other favorites were It's a Small World, the Jungle Cruise, and the Finding Nemo Submarines. We also watched the Jedi Training Academy, and though he was too young to be chosen as a Padawan, the instructors could feel that he was strong with the force and gave him a certificate anyway. He was very excited.

Disneyland Coke and a Churro. Two of my favorite things in the world.
Just like last year, one of the highlights was when we met Mickey. Calvin was so excited, but surprised when Mickey didn't speak to him, but was only gesturing. He must have assumed that Mickey only speaks sign language, because he quickly adapted and signed "I Love You" to him. It was so precious. I love that kid. He gave Mickey a big hug, said goodbye, and notified me on the way out that "that Mickey can't talk like the one on TV because he doesn't have a mouth that moves." Nothing gets past this kid.

Morning Day 2. He is too tired to even go in. He said he needed to sleep some more as he laid down on the esplanade.
He is starstruck as he attempts to speak to Lighting McQueen and Mater.
I wish that I had more pictures, especially ones with my dear mom and sisters, but alas, we were having too much fun to be able to take pictures.

Perhaps the best moment of the weekend was watching the fireworks, with Linus sleeping against me, and Calvin on Tyler's shoulders. Calvin ooo-ed and aaah-ed at all the "magic" that was shooting up in the air. He gasped when Tinkerbell flew down from the Matterhorn to light up the castle. He recapped the adventures that we had on all the rides. And he crashed as into his bed the moment we got back to the hotel. 

Happiest Family at the Happiest Place

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He is very strong with the force, and deftly wields a night shaver