Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This sign is posted outside The Malt Shoppe in Provo. We have wanted to post it for about a year now. We love it so much. Comments please.


kambam said...

Hahaha wow. Apparently Pita Pit is outgrowing that sad parking lot. How big is the sign? I sure hope the "PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THIS WARNING SIGN" in all caps and red is working!

You have TEN SECONDS to get in and out before your car is towed!

Kate said...

Ditto to the "hahahaha" of the previous comment. Serious LOLing over here.

This sounds like there's a very important turf war happening, and you two better figure out who you support. I have a feeling it will end with Provoans claiming sides and squaring off in a contest of finger snapping.

I love it when people take themselves too seriously. It brings such happiness to my little heart.

Leah Florence said...

10 seconds!! Now they have no excuses for slow service.