Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh My Gosh, So Good

Tyler and I were able to go see Pioneer Theatre Company's opening night production of Our Town last night. It has really been a dry spell for us as far as seeing good theatre goes, and last night was so refreshing. It made me remember why I chose to study theatre. The show was so moving and so good. We loved it. Amazing.

Anyway, we got to go see it because we are a part of Utah Theater Bloggers Association and were in charge of writing UTBA's review on the show. You can read it here.

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Aaron said...

Our Town is a play that changed my life. I'm not kidding at all about that. I was in a really really good production of it that ran for a whole month, and when the run was over, my whole outlook on life in general and what I was supposed to do with mine specifically had fundamentally changed.

It's a really good show, and when it's produced well, it has power. I'm glad you got to see it.