Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm On

I wish I could say that I boarded something as exciting as Mary Murphy's Hot Tamale Train, but instead the only train that will grant me access is the ol' Blogger Express. It has rolled on by a few times, slowing down to almost a halt, but I always let it pass, thinking I was not cut out for the life it required. Now, I'm hopping on, ready to ride the rails of cyberspace publishing.

This is actually going to be more like an attempt to document our lives, since neither of us can keep up a physical journal very well. This way, we jot down what we think or do, and we don't even have to wait for our posterity to partake of it. You all can do the partaking right now! These instant results are what our impatient generation thrives on.

So read on. We'll try to write sometimes.

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