Wednesday, October 24, 2012

how we spent the weekend

A couple of weeks ago, we imagined that there was to be a Star Wars-themed restaurant and we were hired as creative consultants to come up with its menu. Yes, we are geeks. And yes, we were very entertained. I do think our dishes would be better than this though:

These are real. Read about them here. My question is- what are those white chunks on the Jedi Burger?
Our restaurant would be much classier. My plan is to go on 24-hour Restaurant Battle and pitch it. Here is the sample menu for your perusal.Thanks to Carson and Steven for helping us come up with the list!
Wedge Antilles Salad (with Croutaun Tauns)
Roasted Sebulbutternut Squash
Mon Calimari
Spinach and Arti-force-choke Dip
Star Destroysters
Buffalo X-wings
Dengarlic Bread

Rancorn Chowder
Wattomato Basil
Zuppa Tuskana Raider
Twi'Leek Soup
Chicken Brothans
Shmiso Soup
Kit Fistew
Entrees (Each entree comes with your choice of Fry'leks or I Thought They Smelled Bad on the Out-side Salad)
Boba Fettucini
Obi-wan Kenobean Chili
Ewok-charred Salmon
Baby Dewback Ribs
Chicken Walker Cacciatore
Pad Thai Fighters
Chile Millenium Fal-con Carne
Queen Amidalasagne
Han Solo Mein
Roast Porkins Tenderloin

Children's Menu
Sy's Noodles
Mon Mothmunch
Admiral Ackbars
Hoth Dog

Princess Leia Organic Granola
Salacious Crumb Donuts
Grand Moffins

Wookiee Lime Pie
Mos Eiscream
Creme Bruleia
Dagobahnanas Foster
Qui-gon Gingerbread
That's No Moon Pie
Count Dookookies

Zam Wassail
Uncle Owen and Aunt Brew
Darth Mault
Apple Palpatini

We had a few more, but boiled the menu down to this. Any other good ones you can think of?

Also, have you seen the mind-boggling perversion that is Kinect Star Wars? A great article here.


Amberlyn said...

What are those white chunks? Hannah and Jaren think their potatoes. I think they're a lot more menacing like marshmallows.

Aaron said...

I believe Sys Noodles wins.

Kate said...

Seriously laughing over here. I knew there was a reason you guys were my favorite.

Oh wait. It's everything about you.

P.S. Count Dookookies gets my vote.