Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Poor Linus sometimes does not get the attention he deserves. I spend so much of my day talking to Calvin and trying to help him out, that often Linus is just left to observe us. He seems to like it at least. And he isn't afraid to pipe up with a loud "yop!" when he needs something.

He is so easygoing, and he is such a grateful, cuddly baby. All he ever seems to want to do is cuddle with me and nurse. He is just adorable. He is not quite as big of a fan of sleep as Calvin was, but we're working on that.

At his 4 month checkup, he was 25 percentile for everything, but he seems to be chunking up pretty fast. We gave him a taste of rice cereal a couple of days ago, which he ravenously ate, his body trembling all over as if it was the coolest thing he'd done in life so far. And maybe it was, I guess.

Calvin just loves him. I have to keep a keen eye on those two because sometimes Calvin loves him a little too hard. We then have a conversation about how not to squash your baby brother. When he says his name it sounds like "Loinis" and it is the cutest thing. They are going to have so much fun together.

So happy in his high chair.
Linus' signature look. He always has one finger in his mouth. Calvin says he's looking for "hand food"- whatever that means.


Kate said...

OH MY GOSH! Another cute baby for me to dream about. Love the sweet finger food look. You and Tyler sure know how to make 'em cute. You could make a fortune. (Off what? I'll leave to the imagination.)

Summer Lewis said...

It's funny, as I read this I thought, "I could just substitute names it would describe Eleanor and Clara perfectly." You're boys are too cute.

Carla said...

Linus is soo cute! You seriously have the cutest boys