Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tricks and Treats

So, it is official. Calvin's favorite thing maybe ever is trick or treating. He absolutely loved it. He shouted "trick or treat" all day today, asking if it was time yet. Then, when it was finally time, he ran from house to house, shouting "next one!" We went for about an hour before he got so tired that we went home. Now I have to figure out what to do with all of this candy...

My favorite thing about Halloween is making costumes. I think maybe the best ever was Calvin's last year. I had big plans for one for him this year, but since Linus came early, I simplified. I did make a costume for Linus, though. Behold the little candy corn:
He liked it a lot better with his hat off.
The costume was super easy to make (only 20 minutes) and materials were really cheap (only $2.70 total).  I just laid Linus down and traced a candy corn shape around him, allowing a little extra for a seam. I marked where his armpit and shoulders were too. Then I sewed the orange and yellow together and turned it right side out. I then cut out some arm and head holes and added velcro to the top to fasten it. Super easy!
I embraced my nerdiness and went as Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games. I liked what I found at various thrift stores, though I did wish I had more money to spend on a better wig. I probably should have struck a more serious pose, but I just don't think I can come across as very hardcore.

I am most proud of my homemade Mockingjay pin. It's just 3 pieces from Michael's hot glued together!
 We had so much fun for Halloween and thanks to pinterest, I am already working on ideas for next year!

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Leah Florence said...

I just had a fun time catching up on your blog! Linus is so sweet and Calvin reminds me a lot of Sam. I hope Sam is as good of a big brother as Calvin seems to be. We really miss you guys! I am glad I can always find you in the blogging world. By the way you have such adorable boys...my goodness!