Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Though I haven't been working, I have had more than enough things to keep myself busy. I was put in charge of planning the ward activity for March which was a Home Video Night, so collecting and compiling all of the video submissions kept me occupied throughout March. It turned out really great. It was really fun watching friends' videos from when they were younger.

Calvin has also been keeping me very busy. He is definitely becoming a 2-year-old. He talks so much now and repeats everything that you say to him. It's so funny to watch him figure out language. For example, one morning, he was holding my hands and jumping on the bed and I let go of him signaling that it was time to stop. He said, "One more time!" So we did it a little longer. When we stopped again, he said, "One more--" then though hard for a second, "--Six!! Six times!!" It was so funny to think that that was probably the biggest number he could think of.

He spends half of the day running around and jumping on everything, then the other half of the day begging to watch various movies. He is absolutely crazy about electronics, too. We try hard to limit his media usage, but he still has managed to find time to master various electronic devices. I seriously think children are born with these skills now. Here's him playing with the iPod:


Taylor and Dean said...

hahaha that is hilarious! you have a child genius. And when the heck did he get so big?! H'es def. in kid mode now. Couldn't pass for a baby at all. He seems like lots of fun!

Hank said...

My jaw dropped, that is incredible. It's so funny that it doesn't even look real. What a cutie!!!

Leah Florence said...
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