Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Day in the Park

So, some of my friends and I swap babysitting in order to allow us to go to work. Calvin gets to play with 3 different friends every week! And then we get to have his friends over almost every day as well. He loves it.

Today we had a little time to take a trip to the park with one of his friends. I don't own a double stroller, so I had to improvise:

It looks a little uncomfortable, but they thought it was hilarious. Every time we'd go over a bump, they'd yell "Bumpy!" and start giggling. I was a little afraid that Calvin would mess with her hair and pull it, but he was very nice. He would just pat it gently.

Here are some pictures from our outing:

I love these green overalls on him. I wore these when I was his age!

Walking back to the house. I couldn't get enough of these cuties in this stroller. I was cracking up.

I don't think I'll even need to buy a double stroller when we have another baby! This seems to work just fine! :)


Kate said...

Calvin indeed seems very at home straddling the back of the stroller. (He even has that territorial, gangsta look about him in the last picture. "What you lookin' at?")

Leah Florence said...

Oh Calvin is getting so big! I guess Sam is too but it still shocks me. He is just as cute as can be. I am glad you are enjoying that Utah, Fall weather. Miss you guys1

Taylor and Dean said...

hahaha i love his face in the last pic! it was fun to get to see this cute guy and catch up with you and Tyler this weekend!

Jennifer said...

I love those green overalls! And having seen him actually in them, I can attest to how darn cute he is in them. I bet you looked cute too.