Thursday, January 28, 2010

9 Months!

Calvin's now been alive outside me for as long as he was inside me! A little weird and gross to think about, but I thought about it nonetheless. He had his doctor's appointment yesterday and this is how he's doing:

Height: 27" (10-25%)
Weight: 17lbs 4oz (5-10%)
Head: 45.4cm (50%)

So, he's a little scrawny, but he's got a big head (it's because everyone's always telling him how cute he is). He didn't get any shots, but they poked his toe and drew some blood. The doctor felt his iron was a little low, so they had us go to the lab and get his blood drawn to see if he should have some iron supplement for a while. We went to the lab and they full-on tourniqueted his arm and drew 2-test tubes worth of blood from his little elbow pit vein (which has got to be the equivalent of like 2 quarts of blood for a normal size person). He was an angel during the whole process! He never cried at all, and just stayed completely still, watching the 2 nurses as they coaxed his blood out of him. It was very cute and sad to me.

So, he needs iron supplement for the next 6 weeks. Which is strange to me because he really loves food and eats a ton of cereal and fruits and veggies of all kinds, but we'll see what happens.

He sneezed just as the spoonful of carrots got to his mouth.

Other than that, everything's is going really well. He can now climb our stairs (which is scary), continues to growl at us, and says "bababababa," "mamamamama," and now "dadadadada!" He is becoming so much more interactive. We crawl and chase each other around the house, play peek-a-boo, stack and destroy (only one of us does the stacking...), and other fun things. It just seems like in the past week or so, he really understands you when you interact with him! Oh, and he understands "no" now, but he'll pretend he didn't hear it. His initial reaction always gives himself away, though. It is too crazy how quickly kids develop their sense of reason!



Diana said...

Okay that sneezing picture is hilarious! What a cutie he is.

Marianne said...

He is so dang cute! The carrot picture is classic.

melandpeter said...

What a gorgeous little man you guys have!

Jennifer said...

Love that boy!

Amanda said...

he is THE cutest baby ever! i love his cheeks!!