Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy as a Bee

Things have been crazy busy, and Calvin seems to be getting smarter and smarter like some sort of creepy alien in a sci-fi movie. Just yesterday at church, we felt like we were watching him grow up right before our eyes. He was laying on the ground in front of us, and I was putting a cloth on his face, trying to get him to play peek a boo. Up until yesterday, he would take the cloth off, look at us, and smile a bit, but he never really seemed to get the joke. Yesterday, however, he'd find us and giggle, and then, he would cover his eyes again with the rag pull it off really quickly and giggle again! He got it! All of a sudden, he seemed to get the whole idea! It was crazy.

Another thing we are working on is sitting up:

He hasn't quite gotten that one together yet, but he is getting stronger every day.

Here is another video of us playing on the ground together. He is always just so happy. His noises sound like an old man more than ever.

Tyler and I have felt so busy with his school and work, and all of the jobs that I get myself wrapped up into. Recently, I did props for a production of Into the Woods at the SCERA Theatre on Orem. I have also been designing the set for Stellaluna there. Every moment we aren't working, schooling, or cleaning, we try to spend time as a family and are loving every minute of it. Calvin is such a joy. He brings so much happiness to our days. I have a bunch more cute videos that I hope to get up in the next couple of days! Stay tuned!


Jennifer said...

That boy is to cute for words!! I can't wait to see the Stellaluna design. We love you guys!

Leah Florence said...

how my gosh, Calvin is so cute!!!! I am glad you guys are busy and happy. We miss you and I am just dying that I can't hold Calvin, so I really appreciate your blog. We are thinking fo you guys!