Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two Months Old Already!

Every day goes by so fast! Calvin's big accomplishment this month was learning how to smile. The first time he really did it on purpose was when we went to go get him one morning at 5:30. He was yelling for us and when he saw us pop our heads over the side of the crib, he gave us a toothless grin. It melted my heart.

It makes each morning like Christmas morning as I sneak into his room only to find the greatest gift I've ever gotten smiling back at me from inside the crib.

We love him.

Here is a montage of smiles!

Shepherd Baby warming up after bath time.

Our Little Meerkat Pup

I don't know why, but he loves to stretch like this. He is such a little bean. He remained like this for about 5 minutes until he decided to go back to his back again.

Another happening this month was his baby blessing on May 30.
Tyler performed a beautiful blessing in our ward here in Provo.

That's about all the news about us this month. He goes in on Friday for his 2-month checkup. I am nervous for his shots...It is too sad when he cries in pain. Not fun, poor little guy.

More updates next month!


Diana said...

Okay, that smile is the best! It might make waking up at 5:30 bearable...well, maybe. :-)

Marianne said...

He's so cute when he smiles. What??? We only get an update once a month?

Leah Florence said...

You have such an amazingly cute baby...I think he looks a lot like Tyler, but there is definitely some Danniey in there too. Either way you guys make a cute baby!

Jennifer said...

He's got to be one of the cutest boys I've ever seen! Love that first smile pic of you and him.

Taylor and Dean said...

I love the bean picture. He either looks like a bean or like you are trying to get him to be an angel or prayer boy or something for an Anne Geddes picture. (Or however u spell her name) ha ha but he is sooo cute!

Kate said...

Oh man. That baby just makes me melt. I agree that the bean picture is the best; I just love when babies show their quirkiness.

Please, please let me watch him for you guys. (Dave is even hoping for it; he was really sad when you didn't bring him over the other day. He was hoping to watch him while we visited.)