Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Holidays are a Time to Slam Tim Tams with the Flim Fam

In order to properly do a Tim Tam Slam, you will need a Tim Tam (or Arnott's Original as they are called in America) and a cup of hot cocoa. They are chocolate cookies covered in chocolate that you can purchase at an import food store. They are sold at Cost Plus, but other import food stores such as LiLi's Oriental Market in Mesa may also have them. Just ask for Arnott's Originals.

Once you have your cookie and mug of cocoa, it is time to prepare for slamming. Be sure to read these instructions in their entirety before you attempt a slam.

1. Be sure that your mug of cocoa is fairly full, and place it in front of you.
2. Select your Tim Tam and carefully bite off two opposing corners. (For example, the top left corner and the bottom right corner.)
3. Using your Tim Tam as a straw, place one of the bitten corners in the cocoa and one in your mouth. Begin to suck the cocoa up through the Tim Tam straw.
4. When the cocoa gets to your tongue, IMMEDIATELY* shove the entire cookie into your mouth.
5. Experience the chocolate bliss.

* Note: It is imperative that this step is done quickly and smoothly. Delaying even a second may cause your cookie to disintegrate in your hands. No one wants chocolate bliss in their hands as opposed to their mouths.


Miranda said...

I must interject the original Tim Tam Slam can only truly be achieved with a hot cupper of Aussie Milo--which is like unto Ovaltine. I will, however, concede that American hot chocolate make for a richer, if not more accurate TTS. Please use caution with this hot chocolaty mess of a holiday treat.

ILoveTimTamCookies said...

I also love a good Tim Tam slam! Have you seen yet?